The street photography collective THROUGH THE LANDS was created with the ambition of forging links between photographers who share the same passion. Its members have in common this desire to capture everyday life and to convey the atmosphere, customs and idiosyncrasies of the places they visit.
Through their own language, each member draws a very personal portrait of different countries around the world.


The main objective of the collective is to give more visibility to its members by publishing their work. Each time its members document a place or event, they will have the opportunity to expose their work via the collective's digital channels. In addition to improved visibility, the collective aims to promote interaction between members in the form of discussions, exhibitions and support.


THROUGH THE LANDS was initiated in 2019 by street photographers Ersen Sariozkan and Marc Erpelding as well as former member Laurent Henrion (Belgium). Other former members include Diego Fedele (Australia), Merlin Meuris (Belgium), Cagdas Kul (Turkey) and Rui Miguel Cunha (Portugal).


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